NC.NUOVA CEI was established in  2006, emerging as a successor to the company CEI , already present in the market for over 30 years.
Taking advantage of knowledge and experience in the electrical plants industry, NC.NUOVA CEI has started a new path based on the use of new technologies, innovative solutions, continuous research and development, and by the increase of the personnel staff number (actually composed by two owners and three highly qualified technicians).
This has led the company to be specialized in the design and construction of civil and industrial sectors’ wiring plants, automation, structured wiring LAN, satellite and closed circuit TV, building automation, lighting, maintenance and replacements, in way to be a partner of medium to large companies .
Technical acknowledgment, new technology, safety systems together with a careful and targeted development of each project , allows NC.NUOVA CEI to propose itself as an ideal collaborator to a diverse range of customers.

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